Summa 500-9859

Summa 500-9859 D6/6 L50/14 Polishing

Speciality Router Bit & Milling Bit

Polishing bit: Provides a better finish in acrylic – HF Router only

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Summa 500-9859 D6/6 L50/14 Polishing

Shank Diameter6 mm
Routing Diameter6 mm
Tool Length50 mm
Max. Routing Depth14 mm
Up CutN/A
CompatibilityF Series


Example: D6/3 L50/11

Description Explained:
D6: Shank Diameter / 3: Tip Diameter
L50: Total Length / 11: Length of Cut

Abbreviation Meaning: 
MP – Multi-Purpose
A – Acrylic
CT – Coated
UC – Up Cut
DC – Down Cut
BAL – Balanced (No vibration – Only for HF Router System)
#FL – Number of Flutes

Xingxin Longteng technology specialty manufactures and supplies a full line of both and custom leather cutting knives and blades, Has beenknown in manufacturing of carbide knives and blades for ten years.
All of our standard leather cutting knives are manufactured to exceed the exact OEM standards.

Company Information
10 years of experience in the manufacture of industrial blades
Blade dispenser enables blades to be safely removed individually
Customer-specific livery possible and indidual packaging supper sharpness and long cutting life
Single-sided and double-sided blades are available
Materials and hard coating to customer specification

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